Public Policy Information

“Here is my first principle of foreign policy: good government at home.”
– William E. Gladstone

Public policy covers everything that goes into creating, implementing and analyzing legislation to help organize and maintain public order. Countless positions fall underneath this category, but they all focus on being able to maintain order in public. Depending on the level of degree you have, the job possibilities are endless for those who want to […]

A degree in public policy can qualify an individual for a wide range of careers, including positions in nonprofit organizations, government, and academia.  Public policy and public administration schools offer several different types of degree programs that help prepare students for public policy careers, including Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D degrees. Coursework covers a broad range […]

There are many careers within the Public Policy sector that one could have. A degree in public policy can prepare you for many things.  A few of the most common careers that graduates look at after graduating are political positions and nonprofit employees. Politicians are one of the most common careers that graduates with this […]